Who We are

Health Choice Connecticut (HCCT) is an educational nonprofit organization with members throughout the state. We are a community of educated professionals, local legislators, health care practitioners, medical doctors, nurses, teachers, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, grandparents, and parents who believe people have a fundamental right to make informed health decisions for themselves and their families. We are a nonpartisan group that raises awareness about the health choices each individual and family have the right to make for themselves.

OUR MISSION and vision

In 2015, Health Choice CT was founded on the idea that people have a fundamental right to make informed health choices for themselves and their families. We are dedicated to educating the residents of Connecticut on the rights regarding medical choice, informed consent, and religious freedoms.

Our guiding principles


We must recognize and face the onset of a wide range of new childhood epidemics: autism, language delays, asthma, food allergies, diabetes, and obesity to name a few. More than half of American children now have a chronic health condition.


Families must be allowed to practice precaution with regarding to child-rearing decisions including medical interventions. Likewise, physicians must be allowed to practice precautionary principles with regard to their medical recommendations. No intervention is one size fits all.


All humans have the right to health and happiness which includes the right to privacy and bodily autonomy. The right to choose requires that every individual ultimately decide whether to obtain or decline any health treatment or advice.


Empowering individuals with the ability to determine their own destiny without the interference of governing powers is fundamental to any free society. Calls to intrude on personal sovereignty “for your own good” or “for the greater good” create a slippery slope to tyranny.


Safety involves a clear vision of the larger goal of regulatory work, which is securing positive health outcomes for children and families. True safety strives for a goal of zero medical adverse events (including from vaccines).


Health choices are a basic human right and must be the foundation of any system of medical care. This includes freedom of mandates and coercive influences along with the right to exercise true informed consent prior to any procedure or intervention.


With rising awareness of the tragic scope of the environmental injury incurred by so many citizens, young and old, will come a rising demand for justice on behalf of those injured parties.


Public institutions have the responsibility to carry out public affairs with governance mechanisms that keep decisions free of conflicts of interest and the resultant self-dealing by interested parties. We must restore scientific integrity to medicine by rigorously separating industry influence from the scientific process.


The strength of human civilization is best measured by how well it treats its disabled citizens. A benevolent society connects personal virtue with the collective consciousness and finds meaning through the wisdom of love.

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