As a grassroots social advocacy organization, we depend completely on our volunteer activists to drive the movement! Right now, we are looking for volunteers to join our focus teams — these are specific interest groups that will be staffed based on your expertise, strengths, and areas of interest. The purpose of this is to share the workload, utilize member’s talents, and offer opportunities for growth and learning, so we can create community and welcome resources for one another. If you are not able to join a team, please register to stay aware of current issues and calls to action. Together we will preserve our health freedom here in CT! Teams now forming are:

  • Legislative Team Monitoring – follow the developments of relevant legislation – stay abreast of committee meetings, co-sponsors, etc. Drafting and promoting protective legislation.
  • Event Planning – organize and promote health freedom events, advertise on social media, make calls and contact venues regarding tabling, promote events via social media, ensure that we have members attending
    important events, and disseminate our printed materials as needed.
  • Graphics – design and update promotional materials for our website and events.
  • Legal – keep abreast of lawsuits and other legal issues relevant to our mission in all 50 states and on a federal
    level, including whistleblower cases and new bills or legislation focused on exemptions, mandates, legal consent by minors, etc.
  • File Managers – organize, update, and maintain documents; edit spreadsheets; enter data, etc.
    Writers – create sample letters, write letters to the editor and press releases or advisories when needed.
  • Press – collect, update, and utilize press contacts.
  • Outreach – inform, educate, inspire people in the community to learn more about this issue, formal (i.e.,
    workshops, presentations) and informal settings (i.e., expos, health fairs, conferences, farmers’ markets) all over the state! We want passionate and informed citizens, parents, and health professionals.Health
  • Professionals – be part of our growing list of health professionals when needed for support during education talks, legislative meetings, and community events.

To volunteer for one or more of these teams, please email us at ‘Contact Us’ and tell us your interests and we’ll find a place for you. We look forward to having you on the team!

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