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Health Choice CT (HCCT) is a grass roots non-profit organization with members throughout the state. We are a community who believes  people have a fundamental right to make informed health decisions for themselves and their families.

Since 2015, HCCT has opposed numerous bills aimed at restricting the right to informed consent and privacy and has opposed bills attempting to expand state mandates.  

Your donations and participation in our efforts will help us educate citizens and legislators as well as support protective legislation and protect our rights here in CT.

Ultimately, having healthy children and healthy communities is a goal we all share.


Please consider joining our coalition, either as an individual or as a representative of an organization and be part of the movement to protect medical freedom in Connecticut.

If you have any questions or need more information, please email us at info@healthchoicect.org


LEGISLATORS: Find out more about HPV HERE


Here Comes the 21st Century Cures Act:
Say Goodbye to Vaccine Safety Science

It has only been a few weeks since the forced vaccination lobby rammed a bill (SB 277) through the California legislature eliminating the personal belief vaccine exemption so children will have to get dozens of doses of federally recommended vaccines or be denied a school education. While California was being subjected to one of the most aggressive and expensive state lobbying campaigns ever mounted by the pharmaceutical industry in partnership with medical trade associations funded by industry and government that same lobby was pulling an even bigger fast one on the American people in Washington, D.C.

Here comes the 21st Century Cures Act (H.R. 6), which is a Pharma-driven bill blessed by the FDA that seriously compromises the integrity of the FDA drug and vaccine licensing process. The 362-page bill sailed through the U.S. House of Representatives on July 10, 201511 and mandates that about $9 billion dollars be given to NIH to develop more drugs and vaccines and $550 million be given to the FDA to fast track products to market.  More>>




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